DigiFlight provides support services for integrated acquisition and technology management.


We’re dedicated to proven principles and an interdisciplinary approach to developing, updating and integrating systems. Our talented people apply broad capabilities, real-world experience, and an integrated life cycle perspective to ensure client success in delivering revolutionary capabilities to their customers.

DigiFlight Core Competencies:

  • Aerospace Technical & Acquisition Solutions: Subject matter expertise and experience in all aspects of Aviation and Missile acquisition, training, program management and system integration; complete command of Life Cycle management and demonstrated synergistic capability in meeting customer requirements
  • Compliant Solution Architectures: Subject matter expertise and experience using architectural frameworks, tools and methods that bring tasks into focus and produce valuable artifacts; leverage existing customer frameworks, other best-practice architectures and information sharing for effective enterprise architecture decisions
  • Cybersecurity: Providing technical expertise to protect U.S. information networks from cyber-attacks and ensure the U.S. maintains dominance in the cyber domain; maintain knowledge of current and emerging threats, consideration of advanced persistent threats, and recommendation to implement adequate safeguards in order to improve security posture.
  • Information Assurance Certification & Accreditation: Experience certifying and accrediting new and existing systems according to various governmental requirements; understanding the multifaceted challenges in using disparate policies and procedures to certify and accredit critical systems; ability to design security into systems during the development lifecycle, and incorporate systems accreditation, in order to expedite completion.
  • Security Risk Management:  Providing information assurance professionals to categorize information and information systems, identify security controls, engineer secure solutions, assess the effectiveness of implemented technical controls, mitigate residual risks and vulnerabilities, and continuously monitor the security posture of enterprise information systems. We develop and implement strategies and tools to ensure our clients’ enterprise information environments and processes comply with government regulations such as ICD 503, CNSSI 1253, FIPS/NIST 800 series, DoDI 8500.2, and DCID 6/3.
  • Systems and Software Development: Building and enhancement of critical missions systems; knowledge and expertise in tools and techniques to quickly meet required capabilities; usage of secure software development tools and methodologies, experience in middleware and back-end disparate databases.
  • Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance (SETA): Subject matter expertise and experience to successfully navigate DoD 5000 milestone events; robust test strategies/plans for all levels of ACAT programs; an Integrated Product Team concept to build documents and strategies that result in stakeholder buy-in
  • Systems Integration: Robust systems engineering and mission understanding to solve integration challenges; identification and mitigation of challenges associated with complex systems and the cyber arena; support of activities, including enterprise architectures and master schedules
  • Test & Evaluation: Robust, agile and successful test strategies that enable delivery of new capabilities and enhancements every 90 days; innovative and responsive architectures that support design and development of complex systems; requirements analysis expertise that engages all players from end-user to developer
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