Columbia, MD, September 26, 2023 DigiFlight, Inc. (DFI) proudly announces the appointment of Michael Perrin as the company’s new Senior Vice President, National Intelligence. With a career spanning 27 years in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and 20 years in the intelligence community, Perrin will serve as DFI’s primary point of contact for all matters concerning the National Intelligence Business Group.

As a retired U.S. Army Colonel, Perrin has rendered decades of unmatched service to the nation in tactical and strategic air and missile defense, program Management and Contracting, Technology Development, Requirements Generation, and policy. His DoD agency experience includes being a Special United States Liaison Advisor, where he led a technically diverse workforce and managed a strategic partnership in East Asia that generated insights and outcomes related to military capabilities, leadership intentions, and cybersecurity activities. Perrin also held the position of Operational Test Authority, managing a complicated oversight process that ensured compliance with laws and DoD regulations. In addition, he was the Senior Acquisition Executive, Senior Procurement Executive, and Program Executive Officer, where he established fifty new acquisition programs, awarded contracts that supported global customer requirements, and acquired goods and services that helped the top mission priorities of the DoD agency, respectively. 

“Michael’s unparalleled experience and leadership capabilities make him a valuable asset to the DigiFlight family,” said Stanford Oliver, President and CEO of DigiFlight. “We are confident that with his guidance, DFI will continue to set benchmarks in technology solutions that protect our national security.”

During one of his Joint Duty Assignments, Perrin was the Ground Capabilities OSD Staff Director, reporting to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. In this position, he influenced acquisition decisions, policies, and directives for the Department of Defense established and led the Space Ground Team. Perrin championed preparatory work that led to a successful Milestone B Decision for all Space Ground components.  In addition, Perrin was the Senior Operational Leader at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), where he served as Senior Advisor to the Secretary General and the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR). In this position, Perrin provided a decision advantage for senior warfighters and policymakers during crisis and peacetime operations.

“My vision for DigiFlight is to solidify our position as an industry leader in technology, engineering, and cybersecurity,” Perrin said. “Alongside my dedicated team, we’re committed to attracting a diverse workforce, ensuring outstanding customer service, and delivering exceptional outcomes across all DigiFlight mission areas.”