Protecting Mission-Critical Department of Defense Intelligence


U.S. Military computer networks containing classified mission intelligence are increasingly at risk to the threat of cyber attacks, particularly in current theaters of operation, such as Afghanistan and Iraq. American intelligence analysts in the field must monitor Federal Agency Internet vulnerabilities, keep constant and aggressive watch on cyber terrorist exploits, and continually advance threat defense capabilities in order to proactively protect data that is critical to our national security


A U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) intelligence agency division approached Digiflight for help in delivering its first-ever cyberspace capability to intelligence analysts in volatile areas. The goal was to equip them with the necessary tools to track malicious online activity, identify trends, and enable alerts to the U.S. intelligence community for response and resolution.

This Cyberspace Situational Awareness Program centers on a mission akin to the Allied codebreakers in WW II, who used the Enigma machine to decrypt German messages, collecting intelligence that substantially aided the war effort. The difference now is that the code is on the Internet. This high-visibility acquisition program is a top priority, requiring substantial investment, as well as oversight by the Pentagon and the Director of National Intelligence.


Digiflight developed a rigorous and disciplined test and evaluation methodology to ensure full solution capability upon rapid deployment of services to the field. The Digiflight team established and implemented a detailed strategy and processes to ensure successful delivery of this new capability to the field:

  • Design Reviews: preliminary and critical
  • Operational Capability Reviews: initial and pre-deployment
  • Testing: factory, development, user and operational
  • Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance: assisted customer with processes
  • Research and Analysis: partnered with academia for future cyberspace operations
  • Integration: managed software and hardware using commercial-off-the-shelf collaboration tools
  • Information Sharing: created wikis and other tools to synchronize program activities
  • Pre-Deployment Site Surveys: conducted at multiple government sites for mission assurance/continuity of



Accelerating Mission Success

DigiFlight’s comprehensive test and evaluation methodology enables its DoD customer to test software faster and more effectively, as well as expedite the issue of new program releases with added capabilities to effectively defend against targeted and constantly evolving online attacks. The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) recognized the agency for “delivery of a critical capability—a truly amazing accomplishment for the country,” marking the first SSCI acknowledgment of this kind of effort. To find out more about how DigiFlight can help you accelerate mission success, please contact us at or 703.774.1080/866.DIGI.FLT (866.344.4358).

About DigiFlight

DigiFlight helps government and commercial customers accelerate mission success with technology solutions that protect our national security. Our unique core competencies enable us to deliver integrated support services for all critical phases of acquisition and technology management—Aerospace Technical & Acquisition Solutions, Compliant Solution Architectures, Cybersecurity, Integrated Acquisition & Technology Management, Systems and Software Development, Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance and Test & Evaluation. Highly skilled DigiFlight teams apply a holistic mindset to ensure that our customers’ capabilities interoperate securely and effectively in operations and warfare environments.